Magic Liquidizer – Instant Responsive Web Design Plugin for WordPress

Magic Liquidizer – Instant Responsive Web Design Plugin for WordPress

A simple WordPress plugin that will make your website a Mobile-Friendly! Magic Liquidizer is a complete tool to accomplish your Responsive Web Design (RWD) jobs. The setup is easy by utilizing WordPress Installation Wizard and the pre-configured values will do the magic. Technically this plugin will make HTML elements such as images, tables, forms, videos, and HTML tags into mobile-ready (smartphones, tablets, & other mobile screens) format.

Magic Liquidizer Plugin Features

  • [Passed] Google Mobile-Friendly Test
  • 100% Compatible to Mobile Screens (Smartphones & Tablets)
  • WordPress Plugin Installation Wizard
  • Easy Configuration Dashboard
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility
  • 100% Safe Script (Clean Coding Standards)
  • Easy Installation w/ Documentation
  • [New] Page Loader for Smooth Transitions
  • [New] Slide Menu Navigaton
  • Light weight & Memory Efficient Script
  • Responsive HTML Layouts
  • Responsive Videos (FitVids)
  • Responsive Images
  • Responsive Tables
  • Responsive Forms
  • RTL Supported
  • Old Navigation Bar Option
  • Customizable CSS & Media Queries
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Most of website owners want their website fully functioning on smaller screens in order provide a good User Experience (UX) and think of SEO benefits they could get because Major Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc) are giving favorable weight to websites that are responsive mobile-friendly as compare to non-responsive websites.

Is this software right for me?

If you are looking for a WordPress Plugin that can easily make your website Responsive without changing your current Theme or template and keep every details of your website’s features (even it has e-commerce built), spending much on your web development tasks, and getting stuck on your Responsive Web Development (RWD) project, MAGIC LIQUIDIZER is what you are looking for?

So, this is your solution!

Cutting-Edge Technology

The result of comprehensive research of our team, and by utilizing online resources, Magic Liquidizer provides a smart technology that automatically makes your website fully adaptable to small screens in order to provide a good User Experience (UX) to mobile users.
Web Design Innovations

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is essential to maximizing online business potentials. Creating web apps from scratch requires much effort, time, and money in order to accomplish a certain project. By using Magic Liquidizer, will certainly give you a short-cut for your mobile web developments.
If you are looking for an innovative and a long-term way to providing the best User Interface to your online audiences (starting from desktop users until reaching mobile users) and keeping your online business intact without causing a lot of issues to your mobile audiences. Here’s your answer!

Magic Liquidizer is available as a Wordpress Plugin and Magento Extension, though we are still working on other Content Management System (CMS) plugin,  and don’t worry, this software can manually be installed on other CMS, please contact us for more information.


Platform Supported

  • WordPress. Please check our WP Plugin Page.
  • Magento Extension
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Custom Website
  • And most other CMS. Please contact us for more information.

See our FAQ page for further information and also for those who are asking for the demo please visit our DEMO page.

If technical assistance is required to make the installation, we are providing a very economical charge for installation. For further information with regards to this service please contact us.

    2.0.1 – 2015/08/15
  • [Added] Page Loader Animation
  • [Added] Slide Mobile Menu Option
  • [Modified] Simplified Plugin Instruction
  • [Fixed] & other codes refinement
    1.0.9 – 2014/08/20
  • [Changed] Responsive Table Styling and Breakpoint at 720px
  • [Changed] clearfix class to ml-clearfix
  • [Changed] smartphones class to smartphone
  • [Changed] tablets class to tablet
  • [Fixed] Image Responsive
  • [Changed] id-* classes to ml-*
  • [Added] Transition effects
  • [Fixed] Responsive Function
    1.0.8 – 2014/06/25
  • [Fixed] Turn off/on Image Responsive option enabled
  • [Fixed] JS Corrections
    1.0.7 – 2014/05/19
  • [Added] New Field for Responsive Exception
  • [Added] Instruction Text
  • [Fixed] Warning on Missing index
    1.0.6 – 2014/04/23
  • [Improved] Stylesheet
  • [Fixed]Navigation – Mobile/Normal View Switch
    1.0.5 – 2014/04/08
  • [Improved] Nav Icons
  • [Changed] CSS Adjustment on Icon Alignments
  • [Fixed] Navigation Background
    1.0.4 – 2014/03/12
  • [Added] Switch to Normal View and Mobile View Options
  • [Added] Minimum width of each elements to become responsive?
  • [Fixed] Backward jQuery compatibility
  • [Improved] Memory efficient when dragging to minimize and maximize
  • [Fixed] Uninstallation issue via wp-plugin section
  • [Improved] Deactivation Hook WordPress Function Inheritance
    1.0.3 – 2014/01/18
  • [Changed] Plugin link moved to WordPress manage_options
  • [Added] `About` submenu via plugin admin
  • [Added] .ml Class Added to <html>
  • [Changed] Preloaded CSS Values
  • [Added] Classes iteration in `Menu Nav Options`
  • [Removed] Install `jQuery from Google CDN` option
  • [Removed] `hidetodesktops`
    1.0.2 – 2013/12/20
  • [Stable] Responsive table
  • [Added] Class “id-mobile” for mobile view
  • [Changed] .fluid-width-video-wrapper to .id-video-wrapper
  • [Improved] CSS and JS on Mobile Nav Bar
  • [Removed] ‘break-word’ class
  • [Improve] Page Load and Browser Request
    1.0.1 – 2013/11/23
  • [Fixed] Small bug Responsive implementation in default view
  • [Improved] Responsive Form
    1.0.0 – 2013/10/11
  • Initial Release

Please see our clients’ website screenshots below

Sample 1

Want more samples? Please contact us!

Sample 2

Sample 3
wordpress responsive plugin

How does it work?

Technically, this software will only get into action when your browser’s viewport is less than your website static width (not including paddings or margins) so only mobile users will notice the changes. The logic behind it is – to keep your website’s interface normal on desktop screens and retain all the current website features of your website. You can do a mobile test by simply dragging in-and-out by using your favorite browser such as Firefox, Chrome, Internet, Explorer, Safari, etc.


mark laskin magic liquidizer
Dr M J Laskin
“Magic Liquidizer is extremely useful and has easily converted my website into mobile compatible format so I can reach out to clients who use mobile phones and tablets quickly and efficiently without having to reformulate or build a specific website for smaller formats. Efficient, easy to use, and very useful! *****”
george b magic liquidizer
George Birdsall
Purestuf Natural Skincare
The Renovation Plan
Project Management Sydney
Waterwood Management
“I have known Elvin, a developer of Magic Liquidizer, for over 4 years and he has provided many innovative web based designs and services to my group of companies on an ongoing basis. He is an important member of our team and I would highly recommend his web work to any business owner”
lloyd perry magic liquidizer
Lloyd Perry
Level 34 Group,
“Magic Liquidizer was great! Saved me hundreds of dollars that would have otherwise gone to a designer & developer to make our site responsive. Very happy with the ease of use.”
web small3
Viv Grimston
Digital Marketing Architect
0401 850 994
“Magic Liquidizer has proven to be the best answer when it comes to turning a standard web site into a responsive format. As an agency, we have created some beautiful sites for clients before the need for mobile ready web sites. So Magic Liquidizer for WordPress and Magento has been perfect to take those products and turn them into responsive sites. I have been able to save my clients thousands of dollars worth redesign and for us, a lot of unnecessary work.Elvin has been amazing support to make sure that both the extensions work perfectly on the web sites I am using them on. I will be using these plugins with more clients as it is a commercially viable option for many of them.”
Michelle Hutter
Michelle Hutter
3H Virtual Services
Solutions for Everything on the Web!
248.535.1153 mobile
877.235.6863 toll-free
South Lyon, MI
“Elvin’s Premium Plugin ‘Magic Liquidizer’ for WordPress literally saved me hours and hours of work on a new, responsive website layout. His customer support was amazing as well. I would HIGHLY recommend you purchase this product if you need tables and images within tables to be responsive, quickly. This is truly worth the money.”
Dominic Milner
Dominic Milner
My Weight Loss Dream
United Kingdom

“We needed something to help make our website more mobile friendly. It just did not work correctly when viewing on mobile. So I came across magic liquidiser plugin. I put the free version on a clients site and it worked straight away so I decided to give it a try on my own site but with it being more complicated I needed to upgrade.

The upgrade is $49.99 and sometimes when you purchase something online you hope that it works and the upgrade was brilliant. I could not fault the customer support at all so the upgrade is defiantly worth it if you want a truly responsive website and top class support. Thoroughly recommended.”

On the final note

Magic Liquidizer is the first WordPress Plugin available in the market for easily converting your website into Responsive Design without restructuring your website codes such as HTML, CSS, and other backend codes. Although, there are available tools in the market today which will only give you a smart interface for you to be able to gradually restructure and build a mobile version of your website. That’s sound time and effort consuming right? This is also risky because it will probably overtook some website features such as e-commerce system, slider, etc.

The team has created a useful technology to lessen your time, effort, and money on Responsive Web Design & Development. If you wish to install it to 3rd party websites, we are happy to provide you a developer’s copy. For further concerns, please contact us.

Thank you very much!