Magic Liquidizer – Converts your Website into a Mobile Device Compatible Layout

The instant way to Responsive Web Design RWD which easily upgrades your website into responsive/fluid layout for Smartphones, Tablets, and other mobile screens. It easily converts HTML elements such as images, tables, forms, videos and other web elements into responsive format.

Magic Liquidizer Features

  • 100% Compatible Smaller Screens (Smartphones, Tablets)
  • Do-it-yourself (DIY)
  • 100% Safe (No Hard coding Needed)
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility
  • Supports All Frameworks (WordPress, Magento, Joomla, & other more..)
  • Easy Installation with Documentation
  • No Programming Required in Most Cases
  • Light weight Script and Less Latency
  • Responsive HTML Layouts
  • Responsive Videos (FitVids)
  • Responsive Images
  • Responsive Tables (Beta)
  • Responsive Forms
  • Customizable Navigation Bar
  • Customizable CSS and Media Queries
  • Built in jQuery
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Most website owners want their website to be fully functioning on smaller screens to improve user’s experience and think an SEO benefits since search engines are giving favorable weight for websites that are capable to adapt on tablets and smartphones as compared to an ordinary website.

Is this software right for me?

If you are looking for an extension or a plugin that will upgrade your website to have responsive feature/function without touching its core files, keep every detail of your website’s functions (even it has e-commerce built), or cost-cut your web development fees, and can Do-It-Yourself (DIY) in 15 Minutes, MAGIC LIQUIDIZER is what you are looking for?

So, this is your solution!

Cutting-Edge Technology

Based on comprehensive research and utilizing available resources, Magic Liquidizer provides a technology that automatically makes your website fully functioning on all small format devices to improve user’s experience and allow your customers to view your products or services in multiple formats.
Web Design Innovations

‘Responsive’ or ‘fluid’ web design is crucial to ensuring wide availability of e-Business. Creating web apps from scratch requires substantial investment of both time and money for small businesses. With Magic Liquidizer, use your existing website and convert it easily into a small format design so customers and visitors can access your site while mobile.
As you seek new and innovative ways of increasing your website’s visitors from search engine’s referrals, as well as improving user’s experience on multiple devices you need to reach a wider and wider audience. And you need to do it in such a way that your customer won’t abandon your website during purchase due to website’s incapability. Here’s the answer!

We finished writing Magic Liquidizer in WordPress Plugin version and we are still working on other platforms/frameworks as an extension but don’t worry, this software can be manually installed in other platforms since we made it generic to most websites. We will provide you an installation tutorial after you purchase.


Platform Supported

See our FAQ page for further information. Also please check our DEMO page.

If technical assistance is required to make the installation for you, we provide a very economical and quick service. For further information on this service contact us here.


1.0.3 – 2014/01/17

  • [Added] .ml Class Added to <html>
  • [Added] Classes iteration in `Menu Nav Options`
  • [Removed] `hidetodesktops`

1.0.2 – 2013/11/23

  • [Stable] Responsive table
  • [Added] Class “id-mobile” for mobile view
  • [Changed] .fluid-width-video-wrapper to .id-video-wrapper
  • [Improved] CSS and JS on Mobile Nav Bar
  • [Removed] ‘break-word’ class
  • [Improve] Page Loads and Browser Requests

1.0.1 – 2013/11/23

  • [Fixed] Small bug Responsive implementation in default view
  • [Improved] Responsive Form


  • Initial release, 2013/10/11

Please see our clients’ website screenshots below

Custom Website Screenshot
magic liquidizer sample

Magento Demo Screenshot
magento responsive screenshot

WordPress Screenshot
wordpress responsive plugin

How does it work?

Technically, this software will only get in action when your browser’s viewport is less than your website width padding/margins excluded. So portrait view of tablet and other small screens will most likely notice changes. The logic behind with it is to keep your website’s interface natural on laptop or desktop screens to keep all details and functions of your website. You can also perform a test using your favorite browser such as Firefox, Chrome, Internet, Explorer, and Safari by dragging in-out to minimize and maximize.


mark laskin magic liquidizer
Dr M J Laskin
“Magic Liquidizer is extremely useful and has easily converted my website into mobile compatible format so I can reach out to clients who use mobile phones and tablets quickly and efficiently without having to reformulate or build a specific website for smaller formats. Efficient, easy to use, and very useful! *****”
george b magic liquidizer
George Birdsall
Purestuf Natural Skincare
The Renovation Plan
Project Management Sydney
Waterwood Management
“I have known Elvin, a developer of Magic Liquidizer, for over 4 years and he has provided many innovative web based designs and services to my group of companies on an ongoing basis. He is an important member of our team and I would highly recommend his web work to any business owner”
lloyd perry magic liquidizer
Lloyd Perry
Level 34 Group,
“Magic Liquidizer was great! Saved me hundreds of dollars that would have otherwise gone to a designer & developer to make our site responsive. Very happy with the ease of use.”

On the final note

10/18/13. As of today, Magic Liquidizer is the only available solution in the market for converting your website easily into Responsive Web Design without restructuring your website codes such as HTML and CSS. Although, there are available tools in the market today which will only give you a smart interface for you to be able to gradually restructure and build a mobile version of your website. That’s sound time and effort consuming right? This is also risky because it will probably overlook some other functions of your website like e-commerce system.

So we came up a useful technology to lessen your time, effort, and money on responsive web design and development.

If you wish to install it to 3rd party websites, we are happy to provide you a developer’s copy. For further concerns, please contact us.

Thank you very much!

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