How to Easily Make Responsive WordPress Theme?

The information technology world has been innovating, and now it’s growing so fast. People are preferring to use mobile devices for their convenience! Using smart phones, tablets and other electronic devices can make business and other transactions fast, effective and moveable.

Website developers and designers are constantly thinking how to make the websites more presentable during browsing and other approach using the internet in any size of screens. The optimal used of gadgets making the world wide web productive and useful.

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design is one of innovations in software development that aim to reduce difficulty when you browse on websites through your mobile electronic devices and make life so easy and fast. This will surely make your everyday business easy through your smart phones and tablets and other touch screen devices.
responsive web design for wordpress

Responsive Web Design Is Beneficial for Website

Responsive web design will make navigation in your site with its most convenient experience on browsing. This creates flexible images, forms, table, grids, and other web elements compatible not just in your desktop computer but also in your mobile devices as well. By this creative technology,  web users’ will surely love browsing websites using their favorites small screen devices and enjoy websites’ user friendly feature.

How to make your WordPress Theme Responsive?

If you are a Developer, you may look for an information to make WordPress made website responsive. If you can just update your wordpress core files, there are built-in responsive themes such as Twenty Eleven, Twenty Twelve, and Twenty Thirteen to start with. You should create a child theme to keep default theme’s updated. By creating a child theme, you’re Responsive Web Development task seems to be easy since it was already made by WordPress Team responsive and simple tweak in CSS, HTML, and other customization will eventually changed the overall appearance of the default theme.

What if you want to keep your Old WordPress Theme?

Now you prefer to keep your old WordPress theme and want to convert it into responsive design, this will be a tremendous task since there are many consideration to make your website responsive. You need to study list of things such as

  • Fluid Grid Concept
  • Fluid Forms
  • Fluid Images
  • Fluid Tables
  • Fluid Videos
  • Media Queries
  • Compatibility Issues (e.g. IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Mobile Browsers)

Free Responsive Plugins WordPress

There are available Free WordPress plugins to work with your responsive web development projects such as

  • WP Mobile Detector
  • WordPress Mobile Pack
  • WordPress Mobile Press
  • WP Fluid Images
  • FitVids for WordPress
  • Responsive Select Menu
  • Responsive Slider
  • Simple Responsive Images
  • and other responsive plugins for WordPress.

As a Web developer, you may look for a better plugin to work your web development projects done as early as possible. We happily recommend our own premium Magic Liquidizer plugin for the best solution for your Responsive Web Design projects, even you have no deeper knowledge in web development, you can Do-It-Yourself in your own website.

Responsive Web Design and Development Solution

Magic Liquidizer is a complete solution for responsive web design, you can install it yourself even you don’t have knowledge in web development. In just 5 minutes installation you can now enjoy responsive web design experience of your website.

Year of Responsive Web Design

Today is said to be the year of responsive web design in which this technology embraces by many website owners and webmasters. It is very ideal for your online business to provide a best user experience for your visitors while they are engaging your products or services. By used of this technology, I am sure it will keep your online presence.

Naomi Sorianosos is a news writer in a certain publication and a UNTV field reporter.
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