Error Occurred After Magento Extension Installed

There are many factors which causes your Magento Extension to fail during installation. If you were a developer, debugging it is a technical solution to solve this issue. If not, better to consider these common issues.


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Identifying possible causes of error and it’s respective solution

– 404 error on extension page

This is a common issue you can eventually encounter after installation especially you went through FTP when transferring files, it is recommended to use Magento Connect because it automatically refreshes its cache. It is advisable to flush Magento cache via Dashboad > System > Cache Management > Flush Magento Cache then logout and login again when  you have no choice other than uploading it via FTP.

– Database error / SQL state similar issues

This is usually cause by wrong procedure of installation, some extensions need to install through Magento connect, incompatible Magento versions, and erratic extension like what you can see few lines below.

SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table ‘blahblah_latest.blah_notification’ doesn’t exist

In whatever case, always check its manuals or documentation for safety proceedings. The solution is to uninstall the extension and contact the extension author about this issue. Since there are free extensions, perhaps it is not a big deal to buy them a cup of coffee so that you could support them to improve their extension.

The best way to Uninstall the extension is to delete the xml file like Vendorname_Extensionname.xml

In the modules folder like this file path using your FTP or server file explorer.



You should consider these things when installing the extension

When using FTP, make sure that you upload extension files in its correct path. In most cases you must upload files in the main folder where your Magento installed. Disable your Magento Cache, decompile/decompress it through System > Tool.

Magento is one of the best ecommerce platform yet it has a complex programming architecture which considerably difficult to troubleshoot or finding a solution, unlike WordPress has a handy file structures or you can even fix a problem in just a simple coding. It is a wise step to read the extension review before installation. Read the manual carefully informing which Magento versions does the extension supported and contact the extension author for further information.

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