Free Quality Web Capture or Screenshot Apps for Mac

I want to share you on how to do a web capture or screenshot using your Macbook. Why you need to buy premium apps if Macbook has its own native app to execute web capture. Whether you are using Snow Leopard or Mountain Lion, I hope it will work for you.

Screen Capture using Grab

This app can be found at Applications > Utilities or simply type “Grab” in your Spotlight.

grab screenshot macbook

Easy Screen Shot using Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

If you want to save it in your desktop

Save picture of screen as file (Option + Command + 3)
Save picture of selected area as file (Option + Command + 4)

If you want to save it in your Clipboard

Copy picture of screen to the clipboard (Control + Option + Command + 3)
Copy picture of selected are the clipboard (Control + Option + Command + 3)

See this screenshot
web screenshot


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