jQuery Responsive: Detecting Mobile Screen’s Width and Height

jQuery is an elegant framework for native Javascript. You can use to improve your website’s UI in a particular window breakpoints, specifically this covers browser’s window width and height by acquiring it using width() and height() functions.

Here is a simple tool that you can use for your Responsive Web Design (RWD) projects.

function responsiveFn() {
     width = $( window ).width();
     height = $( window ).height();
  // Executing Both width() and height()   

  // Do a custom code here
    if(width <= 480){
   document.getElementById('widthID').innerHTML+=" -> This is an Iphone Screen Size"; 

  // load() event and resize() event are combined 

You can see the actual demo here. But basically you can see the embedded iframe below to have a quick look if how does it look like. However, you can determine exactly the action takes place in heigh value since the iframe has a fixed size.

I combined it with the Native Javascript so you can replace it with your own custom code and showing that they are both flawlessly working.


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4 thoughts on “jQuery Responsive: Detecting Mobile Screen’s Width and Height”

  1. This works. Thank you.
    How can I transform the value into a PHP variable to be used to do different things depending on window width?

    1. Sorry been in active for a few days, integrating it to php is just same as JS with PHP method like
      function responsiveFn() {
      width = $( window ).width();

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