Magento Resources: Shortcodes, File Paths, and Theme Paths

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 {{skin url='images/image1.jpg'}}

Media URL

{{media url='/image1.jpg'}}

Store URL

{{store url='page.html'}}

Base URL

{{base url='website/mypage.html'}}

Get Template URL

When you edit your .html files, you may need this short codes
Unsecure Skin URL:

getSkinUrl('images/image1.jpg') ?>

Secure Skin URL

getSkinUrl('images/image1.gif', array('_secure'=>true)) ?>

Current URL


Get Home URL


Link Url


Media Url


Skin Url


Store Url


Js Url


Store ID and Codes and Website ID and Codes

Get Store ID


Get Store Code


Get Website ID


Get Website Code

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