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Hi Guys! After the release of our premium plugin, I wrote a free WordPress Plugin that could do a trick for Responsive Web Design of your HTML <table> called ‘Magic Liquidizer Responsive Table’, with a description “A simple and lightweight plugin that converts HTML table into responsive.”

HTML table usually overlaps when you move to minimize or widen your browser client. It doesn’t behave well when you also view it on mobile screens. So I thank CSS tricks post providing as the solution for responsive table in CSS, however CSS alone is not enough to provide an accurate responsive output when ‘thead’ contains texts or images, so thank the guy on github to complete the job.

Yes, It’s Free! Magic Liquidizer Responsive Table Installation and Download

Installation is very simple, download and upload via WordPress plugin dashboard.
After activation, go to Dashboard > Appearance > Magic Liquidizer Responsive Table.

responsive table wordpress admin

For those who are looking to client-side aesthetics, this screenshot was taken from Magic Liquidizer Demo.

responsive html table wordpress plugin

This plugin is available on WordPress plugin repository. Download Now!

When you do a research, you could find a number of free scripts for Responsive Table, try this if this suits your needs. I have tried and tested it using mobile screens.

I hope you will enjoy this plugin while polishing your Responsive Web Development in WordPress. You could also check our premium plugin which can do not only responsive tables but also forms, images, navigation bar, etc.


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21 thoughts on “Magic Liquidizer Responsive Table – RWD You Must Have WP Plugin”

  1. this plugin was very helpful, though it’s conflicting with some of our other css/javascript – is there a way to exclude it from loading on the homepage or other specific pages?

  2. Hi Jason, thank you for your concern, yes there’s a way to load css/js to a particular page, you need to edit the plugin php file. If this is technical for you, can I see your website first? I expect it couldn’t conflict other existing css and js file. But whatever it is, I will fix it to the next release. Thank you!

  3. This plugin was exactly what I was looking for! However, the headline does not show as in the example. Any ideas what I can do?

  4. This is amazing. Awesome, but unfortunately it doesn’t work with my best slider plugin – Layerslider (Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin). When I activate it, all sliders in the table disappear on mobile screens.

  5. Really appreciate the plugin but… everything within the
    tags gets repeated for every new row in the table, not so attractive. Do you know if thre is a way to work around this?

    1. This plugin doesn’t support the table inside the table

      It will duplicated the table instead.

      Perhaps you can do CSS tricks rather than relying to this plugin.

  6. This plug-in works really well on a normal table. The problem I’m having is if I need the table headers to be vertical like this:


    Looks fine until I go to the mobile view. Then it displays the first header tag content in every single table header instead of showing each individual one, like this:.
    Header1 (should be Header2)
    cell2, etc.
    Is there something I need to do to make this work correctly?
    I’m using the latest version of WP.

    1. Oops, the first example is supposed to show the code. I guess since it’s written in html it displayed that way. Let’s see if this works:
      <th scope="row">header1</th>

  7. Hi
    i have images in a table and the pluggin works fine, but i need the images to be in center when in responsive mode. how do get that?

    1. Try to use this css

      .ml-responsive-table { clear: none; float: left; width: 45% !important; } .ml-responsive-table { clear: none; float: left; width: 45% !important; }

  8. Is this where the support is hiding? I have tried to reach you several times now by mail and throught your Contact form, but I get no replies… Please respond to my email address. I have questions and I want to purchase some of your Products.

    1. Hi Lennart!

      sorry to miss your message, perhaps the contact form has a problem. I will investigate that issue, btw I will email you regarding this.

  9. Hey Elv,

    I love the plugin but since the last update my images are being resized automatically. Can I get the zip with the code for the 1.0.6 – 08/29/2014 version? Everything worked perfect with that one… Would be highly appreciated:-)

    Thanks for creating the plugin!

  10. I have the simplest of tables but this plugin doesn’t work and now when I tried to delete it, it won’t delete

  11. This is comment from Elvin still the case?

    “This plugin doesn’t support the table inside the table. It will duplicated the table instead.”

    I am testing things out on a trial WP site, and this seems to be happening.

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